One Million Pixel Waves Pixels - 0.01 WAVES each - Own a Piece of the WAVES Blockchain, forever.

Frequently Asked Questions
Who are you?
We’re a group of passionate developers who found WAVES to be the perfect environment where to build tools, applications and games.
What is One Million Pixel Waves and how does it works?
We took inspiration from the famous MillionDollarHomepage and enriched it with the power of the WAVES Blockchain, Smart Contracts and WAVES Keeper, reaching a strong integration between the WEB and the blockchain in an easy and elegant way.
Are you doing an ICO?
No! Our dream is to be able to start our own software house, building dApps on WAVES, full time. All the collected funds will be entirely dedicated to keep on developing other cool projects on WAVES.
What am I buying?
For 0.01 WAVES per pixel you’re buying a piece of the WAVES Blockchain, forever!
What happen when I buy some pixels?
You will be able to save an image of your choice with an URL attached to it pointing to your project / website, the data will be stored on the WAVES Blockchain forever.
Where are you storing the images/URLs?
Everything will be stored on the contract’s address as data, forever stored on the blockchain. Storing format: your image Base64 encoded + link to your project.
What are you going to do with the money?
Our goal is keep developing on the WAVES Blockchain, our dream is being able to create our own software house and being able to develop on WAVES full time.
How long will my ADs being displayed?
Your ADs will live on the WAVES Blockchain forever.
Why did you decide to use WAVES for your project?
WAVES is the fastest blockchain amongst the others, we entirely share Sasha’s view on the future of the internet, WAVES Keeper and the Smart Contracts are two powerful tools to help us create a link between the WEB and the blockchain (WEB 3.0)
Okay, you got me! How do I buy?
Head to the homepage, click on the BUY button, select the position and URL of your AD and click on PREVIEW to review your data, then simply send your Transaction using WAVES Keeper (currently supported by Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge). Your transaction will be handled entirely by the Smart Contract and your AD will be shown shortly after.
How can you prevent someone uploading NSFW material?
We just can’t. Once a slot has been bought, the data will be irreversibly stored on the blockchain and there’s no way for anyone (not even us) to delete / manipulate it. We will take care to manually review all the reports and blur the image on the client side.
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